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  • 4 to 5 Hours A Week
  • DAYS AND TIMES: Tues/Thurs 5pm to 7pm, Fri. 5pm to 6pm
  • This program is an introduction to team for girls ages 4-6.  Referral is made by a current teacher and/or parent to the team coach for approval.  This is a non-competitive level with a focus on basic, technically correct skill development as well as optimal strength and flexibility.



  • Up to 7 Hours A Week
  • DAYS AND TIMES: Tues./Thurs. 5pm to 7pm, Fri. 5pm to 6pm.
  • This program is a low key, positively motivating environment for the up-and-coming 5 to 7 year old gymnast.  The focus is on creating a strong physical foundation for the skills necessary for competitive gymnastics which may be another 12-18 months away.


  • Up to 7 Hours A Week
  • DAYS AND TIMES: Tues./Thurs. 5pm to 8pm, Fri. 5pm to 6pm
  • This level further prepares the gymnast for competitive gymnastics.  While the focus remains on creating impeccable physical ability, more time is spent on skills development than previous levels.  Gymnasts may be introduced to Level 3 after this stage to begin their competitive career or remain in a Pre-Team "system" for further development.