The 2022 New Year’s Invite Meet Results will be posted promptly following the completion of the sessions.

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2022 New Year’s Invite Meet Results…

Session 1:
L2: All Age Grps      L3: All Age Grps
L2: Team                 L3: Team
Session 2:
XP: All Age Grps     XD: All Age Grps
XP Team                 XD Team
L6: All Age Grps    L7: All Age Grps    L8: All Age Grps      L9: All Age Grps    
L6 Team                L7 Team                L8 Team                  L9 Team
Session 3:
XG: All Age Grps
XG Team  
Session 4:
XS: All Age Grps-01
Session 5:
XS: All Age Grps-02
XS Team
Session 6:
XB: All Age Grps
XB Team
L4: All Age Grps    L5: All Age Grps  
L4 Team                L5 Team